Windstar, cruise control, horn, cigarette lighter


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Windstar, cruise control, horn, cigarette lighter

Dear Member.
I have a 2001 Ford Windstar...Out of no where, my cruise control, horn, and cirgarette lighter does not work.. The fuse are fine but there seem no current go through the fuse. Where should I look to solve this problem?

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A wiring diagram will show WHERE the power comes from to even GO to that number fuse.

I had a similar type problem on my car in the sense there was no power even coming IN to the fuse - and I found in my Haynes manual wiring diagram how the fuse was energized through my combination windshield wiper/directional signal lever. So I swapped out that lever off the steering column with another identical car I had - and this energized the fuse. and whatever was wrong (can't recall what it was) worked, since now the fuse got energized.
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did you check the fuses with a test light or a voltage meter, never rely on just a visual inspection to check fuses, cruise, horn and cigarette lighters are usually not run on the same circuit, check common grounds, you really need to examine a wiring diagram to check the circut to be sure.

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Was any work done on the vehicle, then after that work was done, this problem occured?

I would check all fuses first. Your owner's manual should tell you the location of all fuse boxes. Some vehicles have 3 different fuse locations, under hood, inside passenger side, and inside driver side.

How to test fuses...
Testing fuses Page

Fuse testing is fairly easy, thus the reason to do that first.

Next look for any loose electrical connectors under the dash.

If all else fails, you can order a factory service manual set of books from or your dealer for about $150, then this will have complete electrical diagrams and troubleshooting instructions. You would need to use a multimeter along with these books for troubleshooting.

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