Dead battery


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Dead battery

I have a 2001 Aurora with the 4.0 V8 engine it has been throwing codes PO741, and PO1860. I know this is for the transmission lockup. My wife has been laidoff for 13 months and it hardly ever gets driven. Ocassionally the battery goes completely dead. But before that happens the radio always starts acting weird with not being able to change from AM TO FM or the CD player will not let you eject a CD. Any information will be appreciated. I put a new battery in it a couple of months ago. This has a Bose Stereo in it.
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Low voltage symptoms. Have you had the alt tested?(something killed the battery)
Yes the p0741 is a trans code usually caused by restricted flow in the trans cooler or pinched cooler lines.
Recommend checking out and a trans fluid flush
The P1860 is the Torque Converter Clutch pulse width modulator sol. valve (try that one three times) LOL also could be related to poor flow do you know which code was listed first? If the P1860 then the valve may be causing the flow issue if the P0741 then the flow is causing the valve issue.
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I haven't had it tested but my drivers information center and my scanner show it at 13.8 volts
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Don't eliminate the battery just because it is new. I have had to exchange many automobile batteries that were practically new.
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Voltage doesn't really mean a lot if there are little to no amps coming out with it, a bad/weak diode in the alt will also cause an excessive draw when not in operation and result in alt ripple while operating.(AC voltage leaking out) causing havoc with electrical systems.Also in agreement with Giles get both tested most parts places will do this for free.
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Modern vehicles have all sorts of electronic gizmos which ALWAYS use a small amount of electricity. This can drain a battery in just a couple of weeks.

Get a battery charger or battery maintainer.

I don't drive my truck very often due to the gas prices and the battery in it will drain to the point of barely starting after about 4 weeks of no use. I have a solar battery maintainer which just plugs into the cigarette lighter. For those, you need to have a cigarette lighter which always works, even with the ignition off.
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You might want to check the voltage regulator. That was the issue for a friend of mine who had a new battery go flat overnight.

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