Noisy rear wheel bearing?


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Noisy rear wheel bearing?

98 Monte Carlo.
Getting a noise (wung, wung, wung) about a second apart starting at about 60mph. Frequency increases with increased speed. No vibration at road speed.
Seems to be toward the rear of the car.
Had wheels/tires balanced & rotated and complete 4wheel alignment. No noticable diff from front or back or left or right. Technician said neither rear wheel appears to wobble or shows damage or wear.
Seems to be mostly on left side but not positive. If I swerve left & right at road speed, freq appears to increase turning left and decrease turning right.
Wheel bearing?
Wheel brg/hub assy is about the only thing left that I myself can try.
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Hubs are difficult to figure out where the noise is coming from. I have replaced a couple and my method of diagnosis has never failed. If you turn to the right and it goes away, the left is bad and vice-versa. I have not seen a rear go bad, I'll bet that its your front. If it is real bad you can jack up the front and roll the wheel and you can tell if it is bad. If it is like my Bonneville was, you couldn't tell by rolling it.

My only concern is that you don't hear it until 60mph, I am used to hearing it around 35mph. You rotated your tires, if it were a bad belt I would think that it would have heard a changed.
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I want to mention something that may be the issue here. Have you recently installed new tires? I have had tires that had a tread pattern that would make noise just like a wheel bearing. Your noise may well be a wheel bearing though.

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