2003 Ford Exployer Heat problem


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2003 Ford Exployer Heat problem

I have a 2003 ford Exployer. When ever i adjust the T-Stat from cold to warm I just get a clicking, no heat at all. Does anyone have any ideas, or know what i should be checking?

AC works fine.
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Try disconnecting the battery, wait 10 minutes, then reconnect the battery.

Turn on the ignition (don't start), wait 1 minute. DON'T touch any buttons inside the vehicle during this minute.

Then start vehicle and see if the thermostat works.

This "reboots" computers in the vehicle including the HVAC system. Some of these will "resynchronize" the computer to the "actuators" which redirect the air when power is removed, then restored.

If that does not work, then you would need a Ford factory service manual set of books (order from helminc.com or a dealer) and a multimeter to troubleshoot the problem.
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you blench door motor is shot

The blend door motor/gearbox is shot, the gears are small and plastic. i think its a pretty easy replacement, i don't think to much has to come out of the way to replace it. It's either behind the radio or can be reached from the glove box

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