Advertising hype?, or true? - grease product


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Advertising hype?, or true? - grease product

I listen to this radio show that they advertise this grease. The claims made are:

It is not like peanut butter
Withstands high pressures
Salt water proof
Fertilizer resistant
Does not leak out
It is a synthetic polymer that lasts 8 times longer than
other greases.


Not like peanut butter? You mean other greases mechanics use in a tube are? Really? I've never seen grease with such a conistency. Have you?

You mean my wheel bearing grease I have used, and have driven in my cars and pickups for years, of which I have had few wheel bearing failures, cannot withstand high pressures? Really?

Salt water resistant? Mine isn't? They don't say in the ad that theirs is the only one that is. Used to drive junk truck down salty beach and never had failure of anything that required grease. In fact, on that junk truck, I can never recall lubing that truck anywhere!

Fertilizer resistant? With my red grease I get at my farm and barn, for all I know, maybe mine is also? They do not say in their ad that theirs is the only one that is. But, maybe synthetic greases are the only ones that are? At least I, as most people, do not live on a farm.

Doesn't run(leak) out? Have you ever witnessed that problem with other greases made for their intended (heat range and other specs) use?

Synthetidc polymer? Well, there they may have something. I guess synthetic oil is superior, right? But is it so superior that it really outlasts other greases by 8 times? really? And they do not even say that it MAY outlast, nor do they say it outlasts SOME greases by 8 times. No they say it outlasts other greases by 8 times. Often with claims such as this, you have to pay a lot more for a product that is (supposedly)so superior. They say nothing what the product retails for.

Thoughts please? I want to know if I need to rush out and buy the stuff.
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Ecman you are funny, run right out an pick up a drum of this miracle grease-lol
sounds just like any good quality syn grease, vavoline, mobil, amsoil, you name the brand
for the price any good quality grease will last longer than most peoples attention span or willingness to maintain their vehicle any way.

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Slow day, ecman?????????????????????????
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Special grease

Reminds me of the time I rebuilt this kids rear end in a hot Ford. He said dont put grease in it we have this great stuff at the farm ( the farm was about a mile away) We did this twice then he said go ahead and put your grease in, no more trouble.
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Anytime I see a product of interest and a price is not displayed, I move on. Many times, I do a search for a product and when I find it on a website I can't find a price. They want you to request a quote. I realise that a discount may be offered for volume buying and there could also be other reasons but if they are ashaimed to post a price, I am not interested.

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