blown 1995 buick lesabre intake manifold gasket?


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blown 1995 buick lesabre intake manifold gasket?

My grandpa was complaining about oil spots in his driveway coming from his 95 Buick LeSabre with a 3.8 motor. I took one look under it and saw the oil pan was dented in. Bingo, oil pan gasket, easy enough. I also noticed the valve cover towards the firewall had some oil residue. I told him I'll change that too. Easy enough.

Upon getting it to my garage and really getting a good look underneath I noticed that the whole motor was covered in oil, not just the oil pan. I also noticed spots of green antifreeze here and there. I then took a closer look at the valve cover and noticed that the majority of the oil was sitting right next to the intake manifold, an inch or two away from the valve cover. In fact there is a small puddle sitting there. I assume where this puddle is, is where its leaking. I justed wanted to ask the proffesionals before I start pulling everything out of this engine compartment. Soo...getting to the point...

Oil all over the motor (with the exception of the very top) and drops of antifreeze here and there, clearly points to the intake manifold gasket. Does it not?
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oil leak

If you have oil all over it is hard to tell where it is comming from. I would probably clean the motor good then watch closly to see where it is actually comming from. The intakes caused a lot of trouble on the 3.8 so that is a good possibility. There is also a o ring that leaks coolant at the throttle body. The intakes sometimes corrode and have to be replaced. If this is the case look around at after market ones like NAPA. Hope this helps.

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