jeep battery cables


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jeep battery cables

My stepson has a 2002 jeep liberty. I was going to replace the battery cable ends for him today but ran into a snag. These ends are different than any replacement ends I've seen. They clamp to the post, then bend past the battery and down about 2". If you cut the wire at this point, on the negative cable there isn't enough slack to get the wires anywhere near the battery post Both the positive and negative cables run into part of the wiring harness [1"+ diameter] I think I can move it enough to make the positive cable work but the ground cable won't budge.

If it was an older vehicle, I'd just add a new ground wire but the negative cable has 2 wires. 2nd one for the electronics? Can you buy this funky looking cable end? or what would be a good solution?
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If you had a friend at the POCO you could buy a short negative cable and have him do an exothermic weld to the joint, making it long enough for several repairs.
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Autozone shows a replacement clamp that looks similar to what you explain.
That link should take you to the picture of it.
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I bought that set of clamps/cable ends and it's nothing like what's currently on there. The factory clamp is similar at the battery post but then it bends at the side of the battery towards the cable about 2"

I had thought about extending the cables but was concerned about the connection. I assume a exothermic weld would alleviate those concerns.... but I don't know none of our local power guys The only other solution I can think of is to trace the 2 ground wires down and replace them
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Probably a dealer part, just to make it interesting.

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