Ford 2001 windstar problem--please help


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Exclamation Ford 2001 windstar problem--please help

The checked engine light came on and started blinking. It was a misfire so I changed all the plugs and also noticed the connection on the PCV valve was rigged, so I replaced that. After I changed the plugs I added sea foam into the intake manifold through the PCV valve vacuum. Now it hesitates and seems to accerate roughly. The idle RPM is good, and I also changed the air and fuel filter. The problem seems to get worse the longer you drive it. I have noticed a burning smell coming from somewhere around the air filter. I'm thinking I may have scorched the plugs when I added the sea foam. Any other ideas. To recap the problem, it accerates real rough, when it gets up tp speed it does good and it you accerate slow it seems to do a lot better. Also as you drive and accerate it seems like it wants to shudder apart. Any ideas would be great.

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I would pull the plugs and look at them. Maybe replace again. Also be sure if you do replace them again to get "factory specification" spark plugs - not any fancy replacements. Engines run best on the plugs specified in your owners manual.

Hopefully you don't have a vehicle where it takes two hours to replace that one back plug!
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I would rather ahve the 2 hour for one plug than have to lift the engine to change the plugs like on fieros
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If any of the plugs had a "carbon" track line on the side of them running from the hex part up to the part that clips to the terminal in the plug wire,, you'll need plug wires as well, (& maybe new plugs again).. Another bad spot was the ign coils on these,, Pull it off & look for cracks &/or carbon tracks on it,, Even give it a spray with water at night & look for the sparks... The only other thing I can think of on that engine is the ports blocked for the EGR inside the manifold.. To test this,, disconnect the line from the EGR valve & plug it & road test.. If the missing is fixed,, the upper intake has to come apart to clean the ports... Roger
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check around / see if you can locate a 'good; coil pack-to borrow for a test drive.
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Yup... surely sounds like the ignition system isn't getting the job done. All these posts are good advise. Probably looks like a shootin' gallery under your hood if you were to have a look when it's dark out.

The other problem you might have is a clogged fuel filter. The electronics think you are running out of gas....

If you do all these things and still have a problem, uncork the exhaust and see if your catalytic converter is clogged. Good luck!
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I know this thread is old as dirt but the very first thing that any 2000 (actually 1998 to 2003 models) Ford Windstar owner that has the 3.8 engine should check is the lower intake bolt seals there is a KIT made by Dorman part 165-177. There were over 1 million of the 3.8 engines that had this problem. Lots of info on the internet. It is about a 4 hour job for a handy DIYer (Yes I had to fix mine) just wanted to let everyone know how common the problem is. Ford built a PCV system that allows oil to be pulled into the intake where it deteriorates the bolt seals that hold the plenum to the engine. The kit includes new bolts with green oil resistant seals/2 new vacuum hoses/all new gaskets and a new valve cover redesigned to fix the problem. Kit should be around 100 bucks. Hmm lets see here 1 million parts kits x 100 bones that is a bit more than pocket change. Ford should have done a recall but did not. Everyone knows that they still LOVE YOU right?? hahaha

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