98 Dodge Intrepid 4.2l hot starting problem


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Exclamation 98 Dodge Intrepid 4.2l hot starting problem

98 Dodge Intrepid 4.2l, 6 cyl., hot starting problem. Only in warm weather never in the winter, the car will start fine, cold. But after driving and stopping for a short stop, car will just turn over and not start. Let the car sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then it will start. This is my sister's car in Minnesota and I am attempting to give her some advice. It's as if there is something wrong in the fuel delivery system when hot. She has tried different octane ratings, different gas companies, carbon cleaner for the system, but to no avail. Winter it is good, summer it is bad.
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Not at all sure if this would help, but an 89 jetta I had several years ago had the same problem. To get around it my mechanic attached a wire to the starter's wirinng harness and to start the car. I would put the key into acc mode and touch the positive battery cable with the other end of the wire. this started the car. Good Luck
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It sounds like you may have an internal fuel pressure leak. When the car is hot, if the fuel pressure is not maintained for a specified time, the fuel in the lines in the engine compartment can boil causing vapor lock. The car won't start if there is vapor in the fuel system. Cars have a check valve that maintains pressure when the ignition is turned off. The boiling point of liquids is a strong function of pressure.

When the engine is cold, the vaporized fuel in the lines has recondensed and everything will function normally.

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