Puzzling Brake Light Burnout


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Puzzling Brake Light Burnout

I have an 04 Trailblazer v-6, with one brake light that burns out soon as a new bulb is installed. You can actually see the bulb smoke inside the glass when the pedal is pressed. Where do I start looking?

This truck also, at no specific time or place or conditions, while driving, has all the gauges go to zero and the whole dash panel idiot lights come on, and keeps running fine.

Could they be related? Thanks a lot !
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2 things come to mind......Poor quality or INCORRECT bulbs, Or Over-voltage.

The Dash issue----I remember something about an Ignition switch,And a lost Cluster Feed, but stick around for One of the GM guys....
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Watch the bulb smoke is because air is inside the bulb... there is no way you are getting more voltage to that one bulb than the others. If somehow you were getting secondary voltage from the ignition, which is almost impossible, it would fry all the bulbs when the pedal was pressed. Get a new bulb... If you want to be anal about it, get a voltmeter and check voltage at the plug and have someone step on the pedal. I seriously doubt you will find more than 14.2v at any given time.
Unclediezel is right about the dash light problem. Good luck...

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