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Ok...I've read about it, I've but what I've read is very vague. What is the GEM module, and what does it do? My friend has a 2001 FFV Ford Taurus, and it has the GEM. Again what is it, and what does it do?
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It seems this is a body computer. As to what it specifically does and an *accurate* description of that, you are best to look in a Factory Service Manual set of books. There would be a description of operation. You can order those books from your dealer or

Modern vehicles can have 24 to 80 different computer modules for this and that. Some of these might have simple functions such as controlling the door lock and window in one door. Or controlling the seat adjustments.

Or they may be more complex and act as a main communication "hub" between vehicle computer networks as well as control security and accessories.

But they change these things with each vehicle and manufacturers have different names / functions for each unit.

So you pretty much need to look at the documentation for your specific vehicle to get it right...

Other than that, you can search using the following words including quotes and might be able to find tid bits of information here and there about this module. Some of this information might not be accurate...

Ford Taurus "GEM module"

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