New Tires then flat......


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New Tires then flat......

My wife got a flat tire 80 miles into a 265 mile trip out to the mountains of western Pennsylvania.
Roadside Assistance finally got there after an hour and a half and put the spare on. I told her just to have both front tires replaced at the nearest tire place. She went to GY and they put on a set of Kelly's. After she arrived at her moms the right front tire went flat now GY is closed till monday and she's leaving tomorrow. This car has the radio valvestem sensors that alert if the air pressure is too low. My question is when they replace the tires is it customary to throw away the radio stems and replace with standard rubber stems and if so will this prevent the low tire pressure light from going out and why would it go flat so fast?
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year make and model?????

To answer your q...ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True "Tire Pressure sensors " STAY WITH THE VEHICLE!!!!

Now , I am a bit unclear, because if the transponders were removed and replaced with standard stems, The tire lamp should be lit Constantly.

with the exception of the transponder, the valves are completely interchangeable, in an emergency only.
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Unc's Totally correct depending on make and model the TPMS sensor's are either attached to the stem or are on a band 180 deg from the stem if the light was on all the time either A the tire press was low to begin with or B when changing the tire they damaged the sensor.The although slim option is they put the wheels on in the wrong/not same location. But then again depending on make and model most will clear the light once the comp relearns but some have to be reprogrammed manually.As to the leaking down also a mounting issue or the wheel was damaged in the blow out.
Good Luck

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