2001 Kia Sportage


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2001 Kia Sportage

Good Morning. I went to Google for my question and it directed me here, hopefully someone can guide me in the right diretion?!?

I replaced to plugs and wires in my Kia last weekend. Car was running like complete crap, spitting, sputtering, backfiring, and was told that when plugs mis-fire that happens. Well that worked wonders, plugs were in BAD shape, maybe even originals. Car ran like a dime for 2 days, than all of the sudden my engine light came on again, and started running like crap again....was told to recheck everything we already did. Pulled all plugs and wires, made sure they were gapped correctly, worked GREAT again for about a day. Now car is running worse than ever. Engine light is even flashing now when driving down the road, spitting, sputtering, no power, backfiring???? I am at a loss, anyone that can help that would be great! I want to drive the damn thing into a tree......
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You need to find out what code, or codes, you are getting. Today's automobiles are somewhat self diagnostic and a scan tool can pull the codes.

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