2001 Grand Cherokee short circuit?


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2001 Grand Cherokee short circuit?

I'm trying to find a short circuit in my car, because the battery is discharged while the car is off.
I probed the current beetwen the positive whit a multimeter.
And the current is about 1 Amp, the battery voltage was 9V.
But when I removed this fuse "JB Power 50A" the current goes to almost zero.
I don't know what circuit is related whit the "JB Power 50A"
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if you have it,the owners manual will tell you what is powered by that fuse.
or you can log on to 'autozone.com' regester-etc. they have an online manual that might help you.
also-with all the electronics onboard- you will never completely not have a small electrical draw.
it may take up to 30 min for all the processors to 'go to sleep'(minimal draw).
i 'think' the normal max current will be 0.05 amp.
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Just guessing...but could the JB Power fuse be for a second junction box where that 50A circuit is routed to other, smaller circuits?

Many (most? all?) vehicles have multiple fuse boxes...normally 1 under the hood and 1 in the pass compartment.

Ahh I see they call it a Junction Block...and there are several of them fed by 50A fuses...

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