98 GMC Jimmy barely starts but won't run


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98 GMC Jimmy barely starts but won't run

It died on the road and I replaced the battery (tested out dead) and the belt. Alternater checked out ok and I replaced the fuel filter. Now it starts about every 20th try and runs for no more than 30 seconds and just dies. I think it's a 6-cyl but I'll have to check.
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car has to have:
proper timing
to run.

it is an OBD2 equipped vehicle, so check codes on it first. you can borrow a scanner from a parts store.
this will be the best starting point for you. anything from clogged air filter to failing computer, which is a very long list to type. do not replace parts on a guess, it is the most costly and the least efficient way to approach this.
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Have you checked the fuel pump? Also check all you fuses. And you may check your wiring make sure nothing is unplugged or have any broken wires. Also check all your grounds and make sure those are good.
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I've seen a lot of bad crank position sensors on those.
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When the vehicle is running for those 30 seconds, does the check engine light stasy illuminated? if it does, then you should probably retreive trouble codes from the computer.... if it does not, then try checking for spark, or fuel pressure.
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Thanks to all for your input, I truly appreciate it. Turns out to be a (clogged) fuel pump. Bad gas. One little tidbit my daughter faield to tell me was that the gas guage had gone bad (recently) and was registering low and full tank readings randomly. That info would have helped. The ODB2 threw a "low input to EGR" code and still does to this day (3 weeks after the repair). The repairman told us to run a high octane gas along with an STP treatment, but she still gets the "Service Engine Soon" light. One other thing the repairman told us that was interesting: don't fuel up at one of those pumps that has one nozzle for every type of gas. Not to slam Meyers, but she fueled up there recently and it had one nozzle for all grades including Diesel! Thaks again.
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I am glad you found the problem, but FYI only purpose, EGR's on vorted engines are known for having issue with either carbon build up keeping them stuck or simply unable to control the pintle in the right position, it has a potentiometer built into the unit that keeps track of the pintle position and the case that it sees a variance or error between the commanded and actual position it will set a code for egr postion error. hope this might help you.

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