Exterminator for insects in car?


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Exterminator for insects in car?

Have a spider infestation INSIDE the car and need help with it. Are there professional exterminator who specialize in automobiles? I have to be careful what pesticides and dusts are used because the dog travels in the car but more importantly my wife has a respiratory condition and she drives the car.

Any leads? Advice?
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Spiders are there for a reason. Usually food source. up in New England I doubt there are any poisonous spiders. Call local exterminators and explain the situation and ask for a free quote and options.

Diatamacious Earth is natural and kills insects. it looks like a white powder. It kills insects when they ingest it but is safe for pets and humans.

If the Spiders are attracted to a food source you can sprinkle the Diatamacious Earth on the food source and they will die from eating the food source with it on it.

Other option is to go to car wash and vaccume them up as best you can.

Do you know where the nest area is?

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Thanks Jimco,

I don't know where all the nests are. I found a couple under the rubber seal of the door. I don't keep food in the car and detail the inside very often, so I don't understand why they are attracted to fresh vacuumed matts and Armer All. Maybe I have a cough drop in the glove compartment or something like that. I think there is a nest in the headliner or under the dash.

I will look into that dust. Someone told me to stay away from Pryethrin and pesticide dusts in the car, including Drione.

Is the product you are describing more safe?
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Boric acid powder works great for ants, not sure about effectiveness on spiders. It is fairly cheap and you can find it at a drugstore.

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