battery draining?


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battery draining?

Hi all,
this morning my wife's 98 astro v6 2wd wouldn't start. No click or anything like it was completely dead. However, after removing the key from ignition there was a rapid clicking sound from somewhere behind the instrument cluster like the sound you get when the hazards are flashing, only faster. Also, it sounded like the original equipment cd player (separate from radio head unit) was running even though there was no disc in it. I believe these things running after the van was shut off are the reason the battery was dead. They probably ran all night. There were no lights left on or doors ajar.
As soon as I jumped the battery, it fired right up. I mean immediately after hooking up the cables. No waiting time for the van battery to charge or anything. When it was running after the jump, the battery gauge showed a hair under 14 volts...normal.
I let it run for several minutes, then shut it off again. When I tried to restart, same thing...seemingly dead battery, completely silent with no ignition clicking, but the same rapid clicking sounds after key was removed.
Any ideas as to what's happening?
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The first thing I would do is to clean the battery cable to battery terminals connections. When you use battery jumper cables for a boost, you are connecting to the outside of your battery cable clamps. Sounds like cables are not making a good connection with the vehicle's battery. Charge your battery with a battery charger.
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It would take awhile to recharge a dead battery.
Charge battery with charger or reboost and leave running for half hour and see then.
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If it isn't that hard to do, it might be a good idea to trace down the cables for the battery to make sure niether of them touch. Had an '89 Cherokee that had that issue. Cannot believe that the battery never exploded on that vehicle.
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When it was running after the jump, the battery gauge showed a hair under 14 volts...normal.
Your volt meter, with car running, is showing the volts of your electrical system. An approx. 14v steady reading suggests your alternator is operating properly but is not a good way for knowing whether your battery is properly charged. Turn your key on, but don’t start the engine. That volt reading is indicating the battery’s voltage.

If you have a good volt meter, those readings from the battery and alternator should be more accurate.

Once the battery recharges, you should be fine but need to troubleshoot what is causing the CD to run. Otherwise, your wife may go out on the road, and the battery will drain down again.

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