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AC Question

Hello, new here. Nice place. i was searching for a place to ak this question, as it is driving me nuts as to what to do.

Last July we had installed here a Payne PH12NA048-G and its air handler SV65100C1BCCNLXCA0600-895X

Its a 4 Ton unit 12 Seer

This replaced a Goodman 3.5 ton that the compressor went on. My house is your typical ranch style house in AZ, approx 1,200SQ

We were ending up the Heat season here in AZ when that gave out and new installed, so we did not get to use the new unit much. Now, hitting the 90 plus ranges here again in AZ, we fired it back up last week. Going from the 1 return duct it has using my laser light, it shows 74.5 approximately after 5 minutes running. Checking the various outlets im getting a 17-22 degree split, so that appears to be fine. The problem is, the humidity doesn't appear to be leaving. Right now for instance, the AC is set for 78, yet the Humidity in this house is almost 30.

The other day for instance, it was cool enough at night to open the windows. In the morn, cool 64 inside, 5% humidity inside. Around 11 we fired up the AC, in about 6 hours when i felt a bit tacky of you will, as if the air wasn't as crisp as it was earlier in the day. I got up and checked the humidity sensor, it was 31% inside... Outside was only 6-7%

My question is, why? Shouldn't the AC remove the humidity not raise it? Showering is done in the morning, with the vent on..There is no supply of humidity being generated from stove etc, as we cook outside.. Point is, there just isn't a reason why its raising... other than the AC...

Cycle times.. The unit is turning on approx every 40-45 minutes or so..... Run time is about 20 minutes approx.

So here i am. What do you guys think? I got this unit based on a friends referral who was building my back deck. I hope i didn't make a bad choice getting this unit, but none the less im still under warranty and am wondering what you guys think i should do at this point, or your opinion on why this is happening. Perhaps nothing is wrong at all, that is why im asking. i do know that my wife and I aren't in love with humidity, so when the day begins off really low, we feel it rising..... cool, 78 with AC yet with a sticky feeling......

Thank you all for your time..... and patience through this long post.


Crap.wrong section to post..admins im sorry, please move accordingly.....

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Welp, I think it could be the alternator.........
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air a bit 'tacky' @ 31%-'LOL'
just kidding!!
i am 10 miles from the gulf coast-= humidity-90%-/A/C-down to possibly 55-60%.
only thing i can think of-evaporator -drain problem-air filter-restriction-/- leak in return air duct??
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I think you may have been oversized on the unit. It should run longer than that..or I should say possibly it should run more often.

Was a calculation done on the size of the unit that you needed? Did the 3 1/2 run the same way? What kind of stat do you have? Does the temp swing quite a bit from turn on to turn off?

I have a 3 (or 3 1/5?) ton unit here in an almost 1700 sf house. It never has a problem keeping it comfy. I may be further north and higher altitude than you...but we get our hot times as well.

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