'07 Jeep 3.7 litre thermostat


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'07 Jeep 3.7 litre thermostat

This is a continuation/update of a previous post concerning the cooling system on this vehicle. While removing the original thermostat, it fell out of the housing before I got a chance to see the orientation of the 'stat in the housing or block. Since this is the first time I've ever seen a 'stat low in the engine, how does it sit? With the spring and pellet in the block, and the bridge toward the lower hose, like normal, or reversed? Also, on this application, would I be better off using a replacement thermostat from the dealership, rather than one from Brand X auto supply? Finally, why does the car, when I drive it, run in the middle of the temp gauge, but with the owner at the wheel, it will occasionally spike to somewhere near the HOT side of the gauge? I've bled the pump outlet several times, the last time yielding only coolant, no air. And when either of us drive it, the AC is on and climbing hills is involved. What gives? Thanks in advance - Chris
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spring side goes toward the engine, make sure the built in bypass valve goes up, the seal index in the thermostat housing a is cut to this bypass valve to accomodate sitting. if thermostat doesn't fix, check operation of cooling fan and make sure coolant level is right, bleed all air out of system.

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