2000 Chevy Malibu leaking anti-freeze


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2000 Chevy Malibu leaking anti-freeze

Vehicle is slow to start when hot, and once running leaks coolant (almost immediately) from an open-ended hose that comes out of the reserve tank just beneath the cap. Temp guage jumps halfway very quickly and electric fans behind the radiator are not turning on (transverse engine). Does this sound like a stuck-shut thermostat?
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'sounds' like -leaking head gaskets
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That was the first thing that leaped into my head, too.

Getting any white, sweet-smelling smoke out the exhaust?
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You can check using a block tester on the reservoir, if it changes color, then you know hydrocarbons or combustion chamber gases are going past the head gaskets and into the cooling system, also make sure the fans are running, that could have caused the overheating condition to begin with. Just simply turn your a/c on and watch the fans come on...
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Before jumping on the "Head Gasket Bandwagon", a few questions.

Does it only leak after a "HOT" start? ????

Enough pressure in the cooling system to cause a "Venting effect " from the overflow tube would surely Hydrolock a cylinder as soon as it was shut off.

Is the T-stat stuck?????Or even simpler......Do you just have a Bad Raditor cap???????

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