2005 Ram 1500 break fluid flush


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2005 Ram 1500 break fluid flush

I have a 2005 RAM 1500 Quad cab with 50k miles and would like to know if it is necessary to flush the break fluid. I was at the service center and they said it should be done every 30-50k miles. I am hearing 2 sides to the story. A doge Ram forum had a discussion among 2 individuals about whether to flush break fluid, one said you definitely should and started mentioning something about the boiling of the fluid and how it gets corroted, the other said it made no difference. Whats the right answer??
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I would say yes.
Brake fluid combines with water to reduce the water contamiation in the system but will only help so much.
I,ve seen my dads T&C van with "green brake fluid" the corrosion inside was so bad. That was limited to a local area but I got quite a bit of green fluid out.

I would like to add that I was at the dealer yesterday with my Charger getting my brakes looked at because they were wearing in a drastic wedge shape. Dealer said I should have had the brakes looked at every 20,000km and the mechanics would file off all the rust. I took it home and took the file to it and they were right.
Not that I give my work to the dealer being I do most of it myself. I do listen to them. They see the cars and trucks all the time and get a good feel for when certain things should be done on various models.

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'I' recomend -that 'if' U are in a 'HIGH HUMIDITY/MOISTURE-IN THE AIR' part of the country
change the (dot-3) fluid at least every - 2 -years.

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