Comments on used 2006 Chevy Cobalt


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Comments on used 2006 Chevy Cobalt

Looking for comments on the 2006 Chevy Cobalt or Cobalts in general. Found this one for the right price and supposed to go look at it tomorrow - fairly low miles at 38K.
I've checked Kelley Blue Book and it sits about in the middle as far as retail/resale value is concerned. Also, the recalls and GM Bulletins on it didn't seem too severe except for one.
Was just curious what others have experienced with this line of Chevy's in terms of reliability, ease of maintenance and maintenance problems.
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It's kinda a loaded question... I won't support ""Goverment Motors"" even if they where the last car company in America,,, That's my thoughts & to me it seems a lot of people keep buying GM because there father & grandfather, etc did... There are better domestics out there,, do your research on them.... That's my opinion & thats what you asked for,, Wait,, I bet you'll have lots of opinions from the GM guys after they read my post!!!! Roger
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If it was my money and I wanted something used the size of a Cobalt, I would be going after a 3 or 4 year old Mazda 3 for instance. These cars have some of the best overall reliability ratings in their segment, and in my opinion are huge leaps ahead of the Cobalt in engineering, overall features, fit, and comfort. So of course is the legendary Toyota Corolla. You probably can't go to wrong with either vehicle choice providing you find one that has been maintained at least to some extent. As was mentioned by hopkinsr2 there are also some good small domestics out there from Ford for instance.

The Cobalt was GM's first real attempt at sharing a common Global platform,(DELTA) and there simply wasn't enough resource and money provided to the North American part of the product program to ever make it a real contender. All the GM N.A. product money and focus at that time was on products like the GMT900 which was the latest Tahoe, Yukon, Silverado etc. The Cobalt was developed at a time when few at GM really cared about small money losing cars which they all were. They really only produced any of their small cars to help them meet their CAFE requirements around average fleet fuel consumption. Trucks were where the profit money was at that time. All that said there isn't alot really terrible about the Cobalt compared to other GM cars of the past in that same size, but there isn't alot of good there either. If you liked Sunfires and Cavaliers then you might think the Cobalt is a pretty good car. I didn't and I don't.
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I have worked for GM as a tech since 1997, and I have seen first hand the evolution of its products, and like any other vehicle line, it has evolved, the bankruptcy period was a huge downturn for us financially, morally and from a public relation point of view as well, but the quality of the product and the warranty that supports it, have definitively play key roles in its rebound from such a period of turmoil, I own 3 GM vehicles and refuse to buy anything else, I am very proud of buying GM products. and above all MADE IN USA 100 percent, contributing to my own economy and not another country's...... just look at the new 2010 Buick Lacross, that's not your typical grandpa's Buick, it is sleek, high performance and looks hot.
Note.... you don't have to worry about your brake pedal failing.
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Thanks for replying...

I appreciate the time each of you has taken to reply to my post and I had an opportunity to test drive a couple of Cobalts, a Saturn ION, a Pontiac G6 this past weekend... I looked at Mazda's, Toyotas and Nissans also - all used in the 2003-2007 range and still couldn't afford what they were asking, which was typically in the $10K-$14K range - even with 80K-100K miles, they really do hold their value.

The 2008 Pontiac G6 was the nicest of the cars inside and out but was just outside of our financial ball park also.

I did check the GM TSBs on the Cobalt and didn't find anything outside of the typical ones for any car and certainly nothing like the 'stuck accelerator' issue we've heard about.

I didn't like the sealed transmission with no dipstick, only a transmission fluid fill cap, which means you have to drain the Tranny from the pan & fill it while car's on a lift to see when the fluid comes out the tranny block. And I'm not sure how difficult the oil changes are going to be since you can't see the oil filter from above but it seems like a fairly reliable work car and the EcoTech 220 engine seems like it will last as well if taken care of.
If everything works out, I'll have my mechanic go over for safety pre-purchase inspection.
Thanks again,

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