2003 Chevy Tahoe Clicker


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2003 Chevy Tahoe Clicker

I changed the 3V battery in my remote because it was becoming weak. However, now it does not work at all. Does this remote have to be re-set or synchronized at the dealership to work correctly?

If so, does this take just a few minutes and should I expect a charge for this service?

thank you for your reply.

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Did you check for help in your owner's manual? I'm not sure if that would need to be reprogrammed just for a battery change, but if id does need re-programming it isn't likely to be free (but won't take very long).
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for the tow guy

I did check the manual and the information was basically worthless. it said sometimes the clicker(transmitter) would need to be synchronized. I take that to mean re-programmed.

and BTW, I road up to my Chevy dealer this morning where Hoe was purchased and Service Dept is closed on Saturdays.
What kind of nonsense is that? I won't mention the dealership name because I don't want to embarass them.


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Not uncommon...the closed service dept I mean. When I was in CA for about 6 months a few years back, both service AND parts at most dealers were closed on weekends. When I called one time, I actually got one of the owners and asked him why...he was surprised that it was any different anywhere else. Said he might try having reduced hours on Sat at least.

Not sure about here in AZ...haven't needed to check on weekends...
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It's too bad that the poor guys in the service department have a life & need the 2 days of the weekend off..I was an Auto Tech for over 20 years & even had phone calls on Christmas day,,I finally got out of it... The Techs are Human,, Let them enjoy their weekends,, Don't You???? ..Just thoughts... Roger
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Well ,if it worked before, but "your battery was getting weak", then I would check your battery retainer clip, the solder making a connection to the circuit board might have broke, something very common with remote keyless entry remotes.
Now if it is okay, then you can resynchronize your remote by pressing the lock an unlock buttons for about 10 seconds, this will resynch the rremote with the remote control door lock receiver?remote function actuator/body control module (depending on model) and make it work. The only time you would need to reprogram it, is when you either replace the remote, swap it from another or replace the module.
Note, the only exception is if you have the new system equipped with Passive Entry Passive Start, as with the Buick Lacross. hope this helps you.
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so do you press for 10 seconds the lock and unlock button separately or simultaneously together?

in close proximate to vehicle?

thanks for your help and reply.


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