How to 'program' new GM key copy & remote key fob question


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How to 'program' new GM key copy & remote key fob question

I need to get a second key cut for a 2007 Chevy Malibu and was told that the key has a 'chip' in it that usually has to come from a GM dealership or locksmith -- and typically costs around $30 to get there.

My question is: I haven't done this in a long time but remember on my 2001 Buick that you had to start the car with an original key - turn off the ignition - and quickly insert the new key and start the car wth it - within 10 or 15 seconds as I recall.

Does anyone know if that's still the procedure?
Or, if not what is the correct way.

Also, does anyone know how much it costs to replace the key fob remote for the door locks & trunk release?
What do you need to get a replacement - just the VIN# ?
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Not sure on GM, but others you can program a "third" key if you have two, but cannot program a second one. I buy my programmable blanks off auction sites for less than $20 and program spares. I'm caught like you are, except with a 2001 Volvo, and they don't release any of their programming to the public. You MUST go to a stealer and have keys and fobs programmed to a tune of $200. Check with your dealer to see how much it costs, hopefully less.
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You can program a key yourself ( put a known good key in turn it to on (don,t start ) turn it off put the new key in and tun it on within 10 sec. done ) the key fob you can not do unless you have a tech 2 scanner , I,am in a dealer we do it for around 45.00
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I was getting the second key when you replied and it was exactly as you stated.
From my original post, the only thing I had not remembered was not starting the car with the original key before programming the second... but the dealership employee who cut the key programmed it for me.

Do you know the process/price for getting a replacement key fob with remote for locks & trunk?

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