2008 Chrysler sebring 4 cylinder outside temp gauge


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2008 Chrysler sebring 4 cylinder outside temp gauge

I just had my front brakes replaced and a oil change on my car they reset my car so it wouldn't say i need a oil change but now i noticed that my outside temp gauge is stuck at 73 is there a way to get this to work right I looked in my owners manual but it states there should be a menu button and reset button next to my hazards but I don't have anything.with this car what i do to reset the miles is just push in this little button to reset everything and that's what i push to get the temp outside.any help would be great thanks.
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Actually , If you look carefully, It says "-73", and likely your air conditioning doesnt work.

2 things to try......

In the under hood fuse panel, there will be 2 -30 amp fuses joined in a little plastic holder (Possibly labeled "IOD" ). Lift it up just high enough out of the box to disengage the fuses, Count to ten, and push it back in.

If that doesnt restore normal operation, Take it back where you had the service done, and ask them to check the "AMBIENT TEMP SENSOR" in the Front Grille. Several times while doing service, I myself have "Bumped into the sensor " and knocked the connector loose....Nobodys fault, It does happen......
Any reputable service facility will gladly look into this if it did indeed happen at their shop.

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