1995 Lincoln Town Car Auxiliary Radiator Cooling Fan Motor Problem


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1995 Lincoln Town Car Auxiliary Radiator Cooling Fan Motor Problem

In my 1995 Lincoln Towncar, I noticed the a/c getting warm whenever I stop and park somewhere for any length of time. The a/c works fine moving down the road, but seems to have problems sitting still. I noticed the 'Auxiliary Radiator Cooling Fan Motor' which is located/mounted between the radiator and the a/c condenser coil, does not appear to be working at all.
Does anyone know what controls the on/off function of this motor? Is there a wiring diagram available that I could use to check any fuses, switches, etc., that is associated with this fan motor? Thanks in advance...
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if you logg on to 'aotozone .com'-
you can regester your vehicle.-etc
they have an online repair manual / wiring diagrams
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I don't know about your Lincoln, but generally the aux fan for ac is powered as soon as you switch the ac on unlike the regular cooling fan that is governed by a temperature switch in the cooling system. On a 15 year old car I would not be surprised to find a dead fan motor. As mentioned, you can probably find the wiring diagram on AutoZone's site, but if the hookup is a simple two-wire arrangement you should be able to just meter the plug when the ac is on; if you have 12v on one side and the other is a good ground then the fan motor is probably shot. Aftermarket replacements are not terribly expensive and will work as well as an OEM from a dealer$hip.
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Also check the fuses. The vehicle owner's manual will give some fuse information, but not very detailed. It may or may not say what fuse goes to that fan. And fans like that are typically controlled by a relay and probably on a different fuse than the A/C?

The best source of accurate information on this would be a Factory Service Manual set of books / electrical diagrams book.

Try the autozone thing first, it may show the circuit for this.

FYI - Air conditioning works by "removing the heat from the vehicle"! Sounds backwards, but that is the way it works. And that "condenser coil" in the front of a vehicle the fan blows air over has all that heat from the vehicle. So if the fan is not blowing, then very likely the heat is staying in the system and not "being removed"! Thus little or no cooling.

How to test fuses...
Testing fuses Page

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