2001 S-10 Blazer ABS Issue.


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2001 S-10 Blazer ABS Issue.

2001 S-10 Blazer
4.3l V-6

ABS light was on. Tested the front ABS sensors and got no readings. Ordered 2 new ones from on-line dealer. Installed them as directed. Now ABS light has went out but it seems that the ABS is activating at low speeds below 5 mph ?
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Was it working before and there have not been any changes to the vehicle?

Is everything factory spec like the tire sizes?

Or is this a "new" used vehicle and the ABS has never worked (for you) and you are getting it working - possibly different tire sizes than factory?
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Stopping the truck From a roll, or anything under 20 miles an hour, Activates the ABS????? The ABS Lamp Is Not LIT????

Dollars to Donuts, You have a Broken ToneRing on the axle shaft.

Not to be an Arrogant Monster, But Tire size discrepancy, would typically Set A DTC and Illuminate the ABS Lamp. A differennce in tire size large enough to break the Threshold of "Wheel To Wheel " speed variation, is very unlikely, Unless, There are Monster truck tires up front , and bicycle tires in the back.

Try this......Either unplug one of the front sensors, or < Pull the ABS fuse from the fuse block. Now go drive the car. The light WILL BE ON, but see if your symptoms have been rectified. If so, Look carefully for a crack between the teeth of the ring on the axle shaft. (Both sides!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Bingo and thanks for the help. Had to replace the right side and all is well.

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