2001 automatic Toyota Camry shift switch


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2001 automatic Toyota Camry shift switch

I have an automatic Camry. Never had problems getting it into Drive, Park, Back etc. til lately. It seems to kinda stick & sometimes refuses to budge. My mechanic said it's a shift switch & showed me a little black, square, lid(door) near my shifter that I can pry open & push if it refuses to budge.........he said it'd cost about $70.00 for him to repair this.
My question is: where can I find a free repair manual that would show me a step, by step on how to do this?
Is this an easy fix, or should I just let my mechanic do it?
Also, want to know how to replace a light on the dashboard area. It's where it shows the hot/cold to the very left of the displays.
Should I just buy a Chilton or can I do this myself?
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Sounds like the electronic doohickey, or 'selector lever shift interlock solenoid' if that sounds more familiar based on your conversation with your mechanic, that disenges the shift lock when the car is running or in neutral.

Yes a Chilton or Haynes (same thing now) manual will tell you how to access this part, but really it might just need to be cleaned up. Up to you. If anything that dries sticky has gotten spilled on this part it can stick. Sounds like you already know how to access the part.
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The brake light switch is also in the loop. For 70 bucks I would let the mech do it; that's pretty reasonable.

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