2004 Honda Civic rear windows not working?


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2004 Honda Civic rear windows not working?

I just checked all of the relays and fuses. Replaced (1) 40amp fuse under the hood and (4) 20 amp fuses under the dash for each of the windows. Replaced all of them and still no power. Front windows work fine. Also checked the window lock and ripped out the door panel for closer inspection of the switches. Doesn’t make any sound whatsoever when you try and open them. Won’t even open from the rear door switches. Any suggestions?
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I don't know about that vehicle, but with many newer vehicles, there are computer modules involved with things like windows, so be sure to check *all* fuses, not just the window fuses.

How to check fuses...
Testing fuses Page

If that does not work, a factory service manual set of books (order from dealer) would have complete wiring diagrams and descriptions of operation, If a computer was involved, it should explain how everything works.

In some cases a switch might go to a computer module, then the signal goes over local area network, then another computer module receives this signal, then that module operates a rear window.
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get a cheap test light or voltmeter, and start checking if you have 12V on connectors in the doors. it is very improbable for a 6 yo honda to go dead on regulators in both doors same time.
you sort of need to backtrack power supply all the was from regulators. keep in mind, there are things called fusible links, and those are total pita to scope, as they are small and hidden into the wiring.
truly, fuses come 1st to mind. library should provide you with electrical diagram.

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