Value of this car - 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII


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Value of this car - 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII

I've been looking to pick up a Mark VIII as a project car. I've found this:

1994 Lincoln Mark Series Coupe (2 door) - Winnipeg Cars For Sale - Kijiji Winnipeg

I checked it out in person. Everything is good except for the following trouble spots:

- bad rust (on the right said, by the rear wheel, about 1 foot length wise is eaten away quite deep. I don't *think* it's structural, and there are some other rust spots too).

- damaged windshield

- bad cats

- high mileage - 284k kilometers, which is about 180k miles

Other than that, the interior is nice, and power things work. Air ride suspension which is often troublesome has been converted to springs.

Asking price is $800 but especially with the windshield I'm not sure if it's worth it. What would you offer if you would go for it?

(And as a side note, on a unibody car, how much rust is TOO much to the point where the vehicle becomes unrepairable?)

Many thanks!
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Since is not a collectible car model, I assume it is for routine use and not as an original restoration.

There is a lot that can go wrong if it is driven frequently in a tough environment. Because of this much of what is operable now could go in the future and nickel and dime you even if you can get the parts.

The rust should be taken care of promptly to prevent spreading. If the car was driven on the road at reasonable speeds (even in the winter) I would not worry about it dieing and even pick a good spare engine if you run across one. If it was all city or back road driving, I would look closer at the engine condition.

In any case pay a few bucks to have someone go over it and pick it apart for you. - Cheap insurance.
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It would basically be a beater/fun side project, not a full original restoration.

Me and my friend did give it a pretty good once over. The rust, windshield, and kilometres and determining points and I'm just trying to decide what to offer/if it's worth it.
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I see youíre from Canada. Do they have inspections there? If so bad cats will probably not pass emissions. Here in Florida most insurance companies replace the front windshield for free!

Itís not a bad looking car. Iím showing they're still going between 2-4K for ones in good condition. Considering they went for 40K back in the day, for $800.00 I would grab it. Good luck

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