Where's the water coming from?


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Where's the water coming from?

Have a 2005 Camry V6. After a 30 mile drive in about 100 deg heat I noticed liquid on the floor on the passenger side. Car was not overheating. Liquid seems to be just water. It is coming from around the fire wall it seems. Water is coming out of the hose draining the AC under the car as it should. Could the AC be sucking so much water out of the humid air that the hose can't drain the AC fast enough? Any other ideas what is happening? Never happened before.
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That drain hose might be clogged. Try running a wire up it or whatever.

Be aware there are copper tubing coils up inside where that tube goes (called evaporator). These copper tubes are filled with refrigerant under pressure. So don't shove anything up that tube (to clean it) which is sharp or too stiff. You wouldn't want it to puncture that copper tubing inside.

Maybe a small length of small diameter plastic tubing would be better to clean it? Like is used on a refrigerator with an ice maker...
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Bill is correct. The drain is clogged with dirt and stuff. It should be someplace on the firewall opposite of the evaporator/fan. It might be hard to find as it might be a small tube poking out of the firewall.
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Bending a wire coat hanger in half always works for me.

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