car is staying at high rpms... need help....why???


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car is staying at high rpms... need help....why???

So I just changed the head gasket and put back together. Took the car for a test drive and noticed right after the start up the rpms were high then dropped to normal idol. As soon as I hit the gas it revs up, but when I release there is a delay until the rpms drop. Took on drive and rpms did not drop between gears and when in neutral at stop sign the rpms stayed around 2k. What could be causing this?

oh i have 93 probe 4 cyl 5 speed manual trans
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The engine computer is "told" when to control idle by a couple of switches typically. When the clutch is pressed in a switch will sense this, when the transmission is in neutral a switch will sense that, and when the throttle is completely closed a switch will sense that or the "throttle position sensor" will sense that it is completely closed.

Then the engine will adjust the idle via the IAC valve.

With that said, I would check any electrical connections you disconnected and be sure the throttle can close completely. If a bit of gunk is keeping the throttle from completely closing, then the engine computer would not know it should control the idle speed.

Also be sure you reconnected any ground wires. And be sure no wires were cut or damaged.

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