how much should a/c repair be?


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how much should a/c repair be?

i brought 2003 navigator in because the a/c was not getting cold. guy said compressor is leaking freon and i needed to replace the compressor and accumulator. i looked at these 2 parts onlin e and total about 300-350. mechanic quoted me $1300 to do the job. does this price seem fair???
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Don't know for sure where in NY you are.But book time on replacing both the parts is 1.9 hrs not including recovery and recharge.Personal opinion yep pretty steep on the 1300.I've got a retail price of about 600 in my area on those two components,but I don't charge that to my customers.My shop would be closer to 585 to 650 including system flush,recovery and recharge.
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thanks maniac...i'm on long island which prob inflates the price, but the 1300 seemed very high especially since i can get parts online for pretty cheap which would leave 900 for labor (crazy). i guess i'll shop around, but i hate using a guy i've never used...
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Get a few quotes.
My dad drove into GM dealer and they quoted him $2200 ,for a $75 fee for checking it,so I figured to recharge the system and see where the system was bad. Could not recharge because system was full?? Then I decided to start from square one and see if clutch was turning. It was not so I did square 2 and wiggles the wires. When I did that I found a wire had come off so I reattached the wire and the compressor engaged and the system worked.
I wonder where they got $2200 from??
I wonder why my dad paid $75 if they did not even look if the clutch was engaging. Took me about 4 minutes to find the problem when I started from scratch. And Im a bit on the stupid side.
Not all shops are the same.
Shop around
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good advice frankie...i shopped around and ended up using a friend of a friend who is a mechanic...said could do for 850 so figured its worth a shot. i dont mind people making money, but when materials cost less than 1/3 the price sumthin aint right
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Dodge Dakota V-8 in Tidewater evap coil, compressor and accumulator was gonna run right at $1000..that was 3 1/2 yrs ago..and a lot more labor cause of the coil replacement.

Hey..there ya go..take a trip down to the beach and have it repaired there.

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