1988 ford ranger want start!!!


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1988 ford ranger want start!!!

I have a 1988 Ford ranger. It ran hot just a little but it started to cool down, we started down he road and it sounded like someone turned the key off. We put a new Ign. But it didn't help. Any ideas???
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The two clue's are that it ran a bit hot and then shut down quickly.
A quick shut down like that usually means the fuel pump quit. The overheating could have been caused by the engine having to run lean for a bit.

Take off the fuel cap and listen for the fuel pump while someone turns the key from off to the run position. If you don't hear a two second electric hum then check the fuse and relay. If you don't hear the pump AND the fuse/relay are good, then settle on fuel pump being the problem.

That's ONE idea. I'd wait for others AND do all the other basic checks like making sure the battery cables had been on clean and tight, check fuses, make sure you have fuel, etc.

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