Honda Odyssey A/C Not Working Help!!


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Exclamation Honda Odyssey A/C Not Working Help!!

Well here is the story. My family took a road trip to AZ the A/C worked fine all the way out here, worked fine up until a few days ago when we were on our way back to the house and stooped by harbor freight and left the wife and the kids in the car with the A/C on, come back out and its blowing out nothing but hot air. The fan works on all settings and no cold air. We tried to charge the A/C but it will not take it because the compressor does not kick on at all. Has plenty of pressure in the line so I'm guessing its not a leak. We checked all of the fuses and the relays that have anything to do with the a/c and they all work fine. I replaced the Clutch switch found on the high side like just past the quick connect. Then vacuumed out the lines and tried to recharge it and still no compressor. I have read on several forums that the transistor goes out, but every one has said that the fan will only blow on on high and mine blows on all speeds, so I don't really want to go buy a transistor if its not bad. Any ideas? I don't really want to spend an arm and a leg or both to get it fixed if its something I can do. I would rather not take a 1800 mile trip back to KY with no A/C. We also leave in a couple of days because my leave ends this weekend.

So any help would be great b/c my father in law and I are both stumped.
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I don't know about your specific vehicle....

But there are many times "switches" involved with the turning on of the compressor. Also the compressor will typically be on a separate fuse from the rest of the A/C and this would be a high amperage fuse under the hood.

The switches check for pressure in the A/C lines. A low pressure switch will not allow the compressor to turn on if there is not enough pressure in the system. A high pressure switch will not allow the compressor to come on if there is too much pressure.

Then there may be a temperature sensor switch mounted on the compressor. This would shut off the compressor if it became too hot. If that was a problem, you would be getting power to the compressor clutch, but it would not be turning on (if just one wire to clutch).

And there may be a temperature sensor switch inside the car on the evaporator coils. This will shut off the compressor if the coils reach the freezing temperature. (Ice can form and block the air flow and this prevents that from happening).

All of these switches would be wired in series with the A/C compressor relay and could be on one fuse. The relay contacts and compressor power on another fuse. And the internal A/C controls on another fuse. And possibly the inside fan on yet another fuse!

Anyway if the pressures in the A/C lines are not "just right", then a switch might be preventing the A/C from operating. Or these switches can go bad.

There can also be all sorts of "inside the vehicle" and external temperature sensors for an automatic A/C system which if faulty could prevent the compressor from coming on.

And as a rule vehicle manufacturers change anything and everything from model to model! So no telling what all you have on your specific year/model. For all I know, they may have all these switches routed to the engine computer instead of wired in series to the A/C relay?

Anyway because this can be so complex and year/model specific, you really need to look at an electrical diagram of the system to see how it works. Then test with a multimeter. And also check the pressures with a gauge.

The best information on this is a factory service manual set of books, but that takes time to order from a dealer. Maybe a local library would have a manual? Or try the web site which has limited electrical diagrams. Also you can pay for the factory information on
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Took the van to the shop today and he came to the conclusion the clutch went out on the compressor. Then I took a drive out to the local salvage yard and picked up a compressor with clutch for 217 with tax. So ill drop that off to the shop in the morning and see what happens.

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