95 Lumina van staling when hot


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95 Lumina van staling when hot

1995 Chevy Lumina APV 3.8L engine this thing is killing me the CEL has been on for sometime now. Yesterday the temp. was 90 deg. I had a doctors apointment she ran good there.
But after that I had to do some grocery shopping & the temp. gage still read right around the 1/4 mark so it stalled twice pulling out of the doctors parking lot both times in gear. Then again right out of the doctors lot on a busy road thank God no cars were coming. I could not keep her idling unless I through her into neutral & keep my foot on gas.
Then she stalled a few more times in & out of the parking lot at the grocery store. Also I seen where the temp. gage was climbing past the halfway point it sounds like the fan comes on then about 45sec. latter kicks off.
Once on the highway (which I should of never taken) as soon as I hit 40mph & above the whole van just bucks or stumbles it's so bad that anyone in it is thrown around. Now a friend who Owen's a garage said it was the mass air flow so that was changed & the Temp. sensor he said he changed that but since u can't see it I'm hopping he did.
One guy told me it's the coil pack but would this do what it's doing only when hot?. I just dread taking her out on hot days then I'm thinking it's the thermostat but I really don't know.
So if anyone read all this & might have a clue please let me know? One other thing I took her to Auto Zone as they put it on a scan tool but so far nobody can find one that will work!
Thank you again,
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With the CEL on, you'll have to get it scanned to pull the code for the problem that's kicking the light on. I take it the Autozone couldn't pull the codes being a '95? If not you'll have to go to a shop.

It's really pointless to replace parts until you do.
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The diagnostic connector on OBD I GM vehicles is called an ALDL connector. Here is a search for the terms 95 Lumina aldl...

You should find some useful information. Best is a factory service manual set of books though which you can order from a GM dealer or helminc.com

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