Loss of 4 mpg - unexplainable


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Loss of 4 mpg - unexplainable

I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid, just out of warranty. During summer months I would get 32 -33 mpg driving around this hilly surburban area. During the winter months I may average 30 mpg. I changed my tires for the first time 6 months ago and my mileage dropped by 1-2 mpg back then then popped back up to 32 mpg for three of four fillups during aprl and may.

For the last 2 -3 tankfulls I am averaging between 26 and 27 mpg (In summer months). I didn't change anything on the car. I don't have any Check Engine lights. My driving style and habits have not changed, I am driving the same routes as before. I only have about 32,ooo miles on the car.

Last state inspection in (april) the original brakes have plenty left as most hybrids are not harsh on pad wear. The car still shuts off at red lights.

Could something have failed and is not being reported via the computer? Any other hybrid owners experience the same thing?
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Are you running the A/C more?

I wonder if the battery condition could change things?

I read about "regenerative braking", perhaps that is not working as it should? I would think it would show some sort of code if that was the case?

I don't know a thing about hybrids, but I know with other vehicles, the factory service manuals are very detailed as to testing and troubleshooting instructions.

The only thing is because a hybrid is mostly electric and high amperage electric at that, it may need special high amperage test equipment or a special diagnostic computer to test and find problems?

I don't know if you could use a simple multimeter to troubleshoot?

Anyway I'm not being much help to you! You might want to poke around the web sites on the following search for the words Camry hybrid forum...

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most 'all' hybrids are equipped with speciffic-RRR (reduced rolling resistance) tires !!
might -sound like a 'gimick'-but actualy TRUE
you did'nt use a larger tire did you?
might your 'replacement' tires not be up to par?
is your tire pressure up to spec?
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Might also be summer blend fuel that has a different energy content?
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dont know anything about hybrids but hows your oil?

Change you oil and put the recommended oil and filter in and also change your air filter.
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Some good ideas

I have put in about 2 quart pure synthetic then used about 3 quarts of regular dino oil. I just changed it last month. Air filter less than 1 year old.

I took the mileage hit for the new tires that i put on last January at that time. I was getting mileage close to what I was getting last summer until June rolled around. Pressure is kept between 32 and 34, same as when I was getting the 32-33 mpg. Same size tire as was on before. I don't know may be these tires are more stickey in heat than the OEM Michelins I had on there?

Gas summer blend;
I did try different gas stations but they all provided the 15% loss in mpg the last three fillups. Usualy the summer blended gas gets better mileage then a winter gas and that held true for the first three years I owned the car.

Regen braking;
If this is malfunctioning that would explain it. You would think it would flag an idiot light on the dash however.

I hate to take it to the dealer becuase they are gonna charge $$$ and give me an excuse that their mileage isn't guaranteed, it is only used as a reference. But that can't explain the three years I did get close to the mileage they advertised.
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Your profile shows you in Pa. June 1, your state went to summer blend fuel. While it is supposed to help with emissions and smog during the summer, it also has less energy, requiring you to use more fuel per mile eg. lower fuel mileage. Got the same situation here in Ohio although we use a different chemical mix.
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hate to say this, but you had crappy mpg from get go. i have exactly same toyota, 46K miles, i have 38.9mpg 30min-s average and 38.5 refill average (527 miles/13.+ gall refill)
i drive in seattle, plenty of hills around. i am, generally, a conscientious driver, but because of the combined torque, i step on it at least once a day, for fun and to menace others.
of course, this does not help with your issue. just tells you that your mileage should be much better.
i bought this car about 2 mths ago. previous owner quoted 34-36mpg. the only thing i've done was to install k&n air filter, like i do on all of my cars, and run can of stp gas treatment at first refill. i routinely use Sam's gas.
so, something's not right with yours. sorry for being of no help. find a pal with OBD2 scanner and scope for codes. any car i ever owned here in the USA always had better mpg summer time and worse winter time. forget formulation, it's less traffic because of the summer school break.
run a can of seafoam through next maybe 2 tankfuls. see what happens.

btw, my gas engine shuts down way much more often than just at red light. i have that little diagram which engine is running, and watch it continuously.
tires are yokohamas, nothing special.

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