engine shutters under load


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Thumbs down engine shutters under load

I have a 94 v6 Firebird that runs fine until you put it under load, like going up a hill and such then it shudders. Trans. man said he didint think it was the trans. causing it. Put in new fuel filter...still does it. Going to try fuel injector cleaner today. Any suggestions if injector cleaner doesnt solve it?? Bad fuel injector, bad coil, bad spark plug wire? Thanks for your help!!
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When's the last time it saw a tune-up?? I wouldn't rule out transmission, when was the trans fluid last changed??
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My manual transmission car will do that if I have it in too high of a gear. If I put it in a lower gear, then it runs fine.

With that said, try placing your auto transmission into a lower gear when going up a hill and see if it then runs fine.

Then if that works, try to remember if before you had this problem, that it would automatically go into a lower gear... and now is not doing that - rather staying in a higher gear.

If that is the problem, then you would need to figure out what all is involved with getting the transmission to shift into a lower gear in certain situations.

There could be an electronic control. And there could be electric sensors feeding into that control. Could be vacuum associated with that. Could be actuators on the transmission.

Could be just a blown fuse or a dirty/loose connector!

A factory service manual set of books would have a complete description of operation as to how it should work. Also electrical diagrams, vacuum diagrams, etc. Order that book set from a dealer or helminc.com

Also because it is an older car, you might get lucky and find something on the internet? Autozone.com has limited diagrams too.
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Car has 87000 miles. Not driven that much. Never changed trans fluid. Had tune up about 3 or 4 years ago. Like I said it runs fine until I give it more gas to pull a hill and such. Set it on 70 mph Using cruse control, smooth sailing, gets to a hill....starts that shutter.???
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!994 I believe should still be a Basic On/Off for the TCC.

Next time it starts to shake, "LIGHTLY" press the brakes (Only enough to turn the brake lights on....If the shudder remains..you can rule out trans.

In your driveway, with the Brakes Tightly applied, and the car warmed up, Put in drive, and use your right foot to slowly raise the engine rpms, while left is holding the brake.....If you can reproduce the shudder without the car moving, you can definitely rule out trans.

Im thinking plain old vanilla "PLUGS AND WIRES"
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Thanks diezel.... Yes, thats what my trans. guy told me. He drove it and preformed the same test you suggested and it had the slight shudder with the brake applied and ruled out the trans. being the problem.

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