94 Mustang problems 3.8L V6 AODE Automatic Trans.


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94 Mustang problems 3.8L V6 AODE Automatic Trans.

It first started with the transmission. During driving at times the transmission would shift unnaturally, it would shift up, **** down, and slam back into gear almost like it didn't know which gear it was suppose to be in. Now it seems like my indicator lights are actually unusual. They take longer to go out when I first turn the car on. The oil pressure is reading much higher then usual, the engine temperature is running higher, and the voltage is running too low. I tested the power, and the voltage reading is not accurate. I'm pumping out the right voltage, but it is reading nearly 4 volts lower on the indicator gauge. At one red light, the car started to fluctuate in which the rpms started jumping up and down, up and down, feeling like the car wanted to die. The transmission when shifting into gear, the timing is off as well, when it shifts into gear its shifting too early or too late. The problem is intermittent, but it happens generally everyday. The car has 213,000 miles on it, and the transmission was already rebuilt not long ago. The transmission is not slipping, I've felt slipping, it is shifting gears abnormally. Also I'm not sure how significant this is, but the car seems to be really dragging a$s as well. I've noticed the more I have running in the car (AC, lights, etc), the more the car struggles, much more then normal. It's weird its like all the gauges minus the gas gauge will start going higher or lower then normal the more the car seems to start dying. Any ideas?
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Get a Multimeter that does AC voltage....

With the vehicle Idling....Probe from Output lug on the alternator to The alternator "CASE" ...Anthing more than two tenths of a volt (.2 VAC) means the rectifier in your alternator is Bleeding.

PCm, or any electronics for that matter, Do not "PLAY WELL" with AC voltage. Ive seen this a few times before, and if you noticed, "Is your Odometer counting up very quickly"?....
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I know this post is kinda old but im having the same problem with my car and was wondering if you ever figured yours out
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Been 2 years since that original poster was here, he's not active.

First thing to do would be to check for codes. Not sure how easy they are to do on a Ford of that vintage (my '94 GM wrecker is simple), but here's some info:


Yours is an electronic transmission (the "E") so there are lots of possible scenarios; TPS, VSS, etc.

And here's something I located:

Those with AODE shifting problems read about this fix. | Mustang Forums at StangNet
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I was told it mite be that... (neutral safety switch)i got one and am goin to change it tonight to see if it fixes it..thanks for the info

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