Windshield minor damage 'repair' or 'replace' - 2 part question


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Windshield minor damage 'repair' or 'replace' - 2 part question

I have a 1/2" bullseye stone-damage conical ding in my windshield on the driver's side, in the main field of view and had 2 questions on getting it 'repaired' versus 'replacing' the windshield.

1. Anyone have experience with the windshield repair techique where they fill the windshield ding with some kind of clear epoxy - let it dry and it's good to go? Problem I'm wanting to avoid is the windshield cracking at the ding when it gets down to -20 degrees F this winter and was curious as to others experience with this type of repair and its reliability.

2. Progressive Auto insurance has on their website there's no Insurance co-pay/deductible for repairing a windshield this way if you use one of their authorized windshield repair services.
Anyone ever use this and can confirm the no-pay part? They mention something about other requirements - just wondering it the repair cost is upfront.
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Never had it done but my old man did on one of his cars with no problem

No deductible on glass is a statute here, so can't comment on cost
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I know one of the national franchise gaurantees repairs for as long as you own the car, so I assume it's pretty good stuff.

A lot of the glass shops down here advertise no-cost replacement (not sure about repair); the catch is you have to be carrying comprehensive insurance on the vehicle.
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I had a couple of chips repaired on my old jeep's windshield. I had Erie insurance at the time and they paid for the repair. I could have had it replaced but then I would have to paid the deductible. 5 yrs later the repair was still holding.

On my old work van I got a chip shortly after I bought it. I used the glass repair kit sold by autozone. The windshield finally did crack but it was about 15 yrs later.
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do NOT use tent guys with signs "free chip repair"
call for a pro. 40 bucks, 40 minutes, crack is virtually gone.
yes, you do not pay deductible.
windshield dings look scary, but are very safe. if you fill crack with acrylic right away. it will not leak, as it's triplex, and will not spread, if attended to asap.
some replace windshields every 40K miles as a rule. personally, i drive with dings and cracks until it's plain hazardous.
every time you replace windshield, you have taken on a major gamble that it will NOT leak thereafter. personally, i have bad experiences with this and am staying away from replacement until there's no choice.
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I replaced a badly damaged windshield on a 92 vehicle, then I noticed I could suddenly see better at night!

Then because of the good results of that, I also had the windshield replaced on my 95 which had a bad glare problem at night. Now I can see excellent at night and sunset with that vehicle too!

Upon closer examination of my old windshields, I noticed a fine "pitting" all over the outside.

Anyway if it is an older vehicle and you have glare problems or can't see well at night, especially with the glare of light from oncoming vehicles, might want to replace the windshield...
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Thanks for all replies

As usual many good responses and I thank you for taking the time.

The Progressive requirements I mentioned, I found out to be
a. Need to file a specific 'Glass Repair' claim before getting windshield repaired; and
b. Must use one of their approved windshield repair shops which I recall as 'Safe Auto Glass' or soemthing like that.


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