Power Window won't close


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Power Window won't close

Can I , at least, close a motor-driven door window that won't close ?

I'm guessing / hoping that I may be able to close the window by removing a door panel and dis-engaging the motor from the drive mechanism. Is this "doable"? ; any advise on how to proceed ?

Thanks to all who reply
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yes. drove like this, with a stick jammed underneath the window, in chrysler for long, long time.
you have to disconnect window regulator attachment points from the glass. what happens next, window will not stay up. you have 2 choices:
1. jamm something to hold it up there. keep in mind, vibration will eventually move whatever is that you jammed, and window will fall down
2. place window all the way up into the frame and tape it from the inside with clear tape. i taped to the door panel and to frame. clear tape is not much visible, and hold better than a stick jammed into the door.

window regulators are not expensive off internet, and if you can disconnect it from the glass, you should be able to easily replace it.

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