2004 Pacifica starter question


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2004 Pacifica starter question

I hope someone can tell me how to get the starter out of a chrystler pacifica all wheel drive. some times it will start and sometimes it wont. Y6he starter is my best guess. when I look at the engine there dosent seem to be enough room for a wrench let alone get the starter out. Any advice is appreciated.
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It's a real pain but here you go


1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Remove and relocate the upper radiator crossmember.
3. Remove the radiator fan module.
4. Remove the wiring harness clip from front mount
5. Remove the coolant line clamp bolt.
6. Remove the upper nut from the front mount.
7. Remove the upper starter mounting bolt.
8. Remove the middle starter bolt.
9. Raise vehicle and support.
10. Remove the lower front mount nut.
11. Raise and support engine.
12. Remove the lower bracket bolt to transmission.
13. Remove the lower bracket bolt to engine block.
14. Relocate the front mount and bracket.
15. Disconnect the positive battery cable from starter
16. Disconnect the solenoid connector from starter.
17. Remove the lower starter bolt.
18. Remove starter from vehicle.


Starter And Shield

1. Install starter and shield to vehicle.
2. Start the lower starter bolt.
3. Connect the solenoid connector to starter.
4. Connect the positive battery cable to starter
5. Relocate the front mount and bracket.
6. Tighten lower starter bolt
Mount Alignment Pin


* The front mount has an alignment pin, make sure that the mount and bracket line up together. The alignment pin goes toward the front of vehicle.
* Make sure that the wire harness is in front of the front mount.

7. Install the lower bracket bolt to engine block.
8. Install the lower bracket bolt to transmission.
9. Tighten both lower bracket bolts.
10. Lower engine.
11. Install the lower front mount nut and tighten .
12. install and tighten the middle starter bolt .
13. Install and tighten the upper starter mounting bolt .
14. Lower vehicle.
15. Install the upper nut to the front mount and tighten .
16. Install the coolant line clamp bolt .
17. Install the wiring harness clip to front mount.
18. Install the radiator fan module.
19. Relocate and install and the upper radiator crossmember.
20. Connect the negative battery cable.
Good Luck!
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2004 pacifica

Thanks for the information. It looks like it will be a headache.

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