a/c compressor


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a/c compressor

My a/c has not worked in 6 yrs...hose blew and i never fixed it. Would it be ok to replace the hose and charge the system to see if it works, or do I need to replaced the compressor too. I would hate to replace the compressor before I'm positive it's bad.
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well, it depends.
on your technical skill and dedication.
your a/c lines are full of moisture and mildew from yrs of nothing, but condensate, being in them. bugs, spiders, who knows. they like those places.
your compressor is full of oxidation and the same junk.
you can not just put a hose or line back in, seal it all, and pour a few bucks worth of oil/freon mix in. as, also, air must be evacuated from the system. and that requires a vacuum special tool, or something else i do not want to mention.

you can pull your compressor out, set it on a bench, and slowly handcrank it, adding some oil to the intakes, so that it goes in. done it. we unseized seized compressors like this before. you must have oil compatible with freon.

it is, also, very likely that most of the connection o-rings in the lines are busted, as they need to be continuously lubricated by oil in the system to stay functional.

with that being said, yes, it can be attempted. i'd strongly recommend refilling system at say superwalmart, as they will check the system for leaks and evacuate air with vacuum.
otherwise, you'll prolly dump some money into the project for nothing.

but it's a cool project to do, pun intended. your call. i'd say, simply buy a 12V a/c or a good fan. tint windows with max heat reflection film. get window visors and keep windows cracked down driving or when parked. you'll prolly have better success with this, than with other technical project. of course, it might work from the get go, who knows. but dooooooooubt do i. or it will work and then junk gets into compressor from lines, and kills it for good.
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As to air being in the system, very important as said above to remove all the air first before filling. Also when this is done, you use a vacuum gauge, remove the air, then shut off the valves and wait for maybe an hour. See if the vacuum remains.

If the vacuum is no longer the same amount after an hour, then there is a leak which should be fixed before filling with refrigerant.

Also there is a "can shaped thing" called an accumulator/dryer. This has a "desiccant" in it which is the same stuff in those little plastic things which come in pill bottles which say "Do not Eat!".

Desiccant absorbs moisture. And you don't want ANY moisture in the A/C system as it will freeze up and not work...

So you pump out all the air you can, plus install a new accumulator/dryer and that will remove any remaining mositure.

Basically any time an A/C system is opened to the air, you should replace the accumulator/dryer. This is because once the desiccant has absorbed moisture, it can't absorb anymore mositure.

And these come with the connections capped. Keep the caps on until you install it so air does not get in. I install this as the last thing - just before I am going to evacuate the system.

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