Rear AC will not work in Tahoe SUV


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Rear AC will not work in Tahoe SUV

Hello, I have one of those SUVs that has climate controls on the main dash board for the front quarters, then a separate control near my rear view mirror for the rear quarters. The second row also has a control on the headliner of the truck, which allows them to control the air. There are vents for the 2nd row and 3rd row of seats. The only problem it, no air gets back there.

I have a pretty finnicky AC, although I just replaced the rensioner pulley, belt and refrigerant, so it seems to work fine for the front quarters only.

Any ideas? It is a 2000 Chevy Tahoe 4wd, 5.3 L. There are 101 electrical modules, etc. that are located behind all of these controls. Do you think I am looking at a mechanical (IE blower) issue? Or an electrical module of some sort. Any idea where to begin?

I would like to have AC in the other rows for passengers that ride in that area.

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First reread the owner's manual A/C section. Sometimes there are weird settings for things. Maybe you might see something to try...

If that does not work, try a "reboot". Remove the battery cable for 10 minutes, then reconnect. Then turn on the ignition - DON'T START and don't touch any buttons in the vehicle for one minute. Then start the vehicle and see if it works.

If that does not work, check all fuses. The owner's manual should give all fuse locations. How to check fuses...
Testing fuses Page

If none of the above works, then you would need a factory service manual set of books which would have complete troubleshooting instructions. (Order from dealer or
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thanks very much, those are some fairly straightforward suggestions that I will try in the morning. Hopefully you are onto something! Thanks again

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