Park Avenue Gas Gauge Is Faulty


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Unhappy Park Avenue Gas Gauge Is Faulty

Gas gauge is not working on 1999 buick park avenue. I noticed the needle is sitting below the black stop pin, allowing it to not move at all. I wonder if someone could take the dash apart to reach the needle, and move it above the stop pin, if it would start working again?

Or, is there actually a problem, maybe with a sensor or something similar, in the gas tank itself? I would like to have it fixed, but don't want to spend a fortune.

I can check the fuel button, which shows gallons used, and fuel range, but the readings jump around a lot and don't seem very accurate. I have been filling the tank up, resetting the trip counter, and go by that. But, I don't like doing that. I hate not knowing how much gas I actually have in the tank.

Any solutions?
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Hey, I was on another site and a man said he had replaced the battery on his park avenue, and after that, the fuel gauge needle had spun all the way around clockwise, till the needle rested below the stop pin. He offered a couple of suggestions to fix it. One was to use a strong magnet to try and rotate the needle counter-clockwise, till it rested back on top of the stop pin, like it is suppose to be. The other suggestion was to take the dash apart, and manually move the needle back with your hand.

I opted to go with the magnet solution. At first I was having trouble, cause the needle would only move part of the way. I quickly noticed that the magnet was scratching the plastic covering, so I took my shirt off, placed the magnet under the cotton material, then on top of the plastic covering, and kept moving the magnet towards my right, till the needle finally swung around and landed back on top of the black stop pin. I started the car, the needle went over to full, cause I just had filled the tank up. As soon as I cut the engine off, the needle went down past the empty mark, and rested on top of the stop pin. I done this procedure 3 or 4 times, and the needle worked perfectly. Wow, what a relief. Hopes this information helps someone.

One thing though, is there any thing I can buy to rub on the plastic covering over the gauges, that will make the scratches I created less noticeable???
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I have a Park Avenue also and have heard about this needle problem before, but never experienced this. The solution some people have tried is to drill a small hole in the plastic and take a wire to move the indicator. Sounds like your method is much better and less evasive. Thanks for the info.

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