Sound when turning steering wheel


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Sound when turning steering wheel

2007 Pontiac Grand prix...

I actually just traded in my '04 Intrepid for this vehicle. The only realy thing I have noticed wrong with this vehicle is a subtle click when I turn the steering wheel.

I know if everything were in proper order, it would not click, so Im trying to get some direction as to what it might be. Only thing Ive stumbled upon is possibly a CV joint gone bad?

What price range should I expect to see for a job like that OR the problem you think it could be?

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click where?
in the steering?
coming from where?
flat road, bumps, does not matter?

i can tell you that on silverados GM had crappy intermediate steering shafts that start making noise in about 40K miles. 70 bucks 10 minutes replacement. you got to be more specific on that click, bud.
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There is a TSB on the intermediate shaft on those. I However agree need more info on the click noise to really help.IE: While moving,just sitting,cornering (hard or soft) Ect. Ect. .Those also had strut bearing problems that would cause a click,have also seen the lower control arm bushings cause strange noises even the trim panels around the steer column.

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