Maintenance Reminders...


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Maintenance Reminders...

I often lose track of when some things (tire rotation, balance, etc...) need to be done on my vehicles. I came across one site that offers free e-mails that are customized to your car.

They will send you e-mail reminders when regular maintenance is suppose to be performed, which I think is a great idea.

Wondering if anyone else uses a website that offers this and/or if you can reccomend any sites?

The one I found (and have yet to register for) is Car Care CityŽ Oil Change & Scheduled Maintenance tracking software with reminder service for oil change, lube, tires, insurance, drivers license, rotation and other maintenance/repairs on your automobile, car, truck, or motorcycle.

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I have a method I've been using 20 years. I take care of six cars and have the mileage-sensitive maintenance items listed in my computer. Every once in a while I update the numbers when mileage accumulates. I also have another list that is basically a logbook for each vehicle. It works for me. Use whatever works for you.
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Unless you opt out, your email address will get a lot of spam for "related products and services".
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I agree .
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I used to keep all my maintainance records in my head ...... but somewhere along the way that became a futile effort

Now I keep a log book in my shop and write everything down, some of these records I'll transfer to my pc
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Maintenance? What the heck is that?

Seriously...we don't use a tank of gas in a month normally, prob about 200 miles max...but about twice a year we'll go see family in I normally get oil changed then. I'll also pull and clean/replace the air filter after the oil changes. As to checking fluids, pressures, etc...I do that every time I change the house filter (last day of the month) and before any day trips to LV or similar.

I found it was just simpler to go by the calender as much as possible. I tried once on a new truck to actually schedule and keep track of maintenance....turned out to be the biggest POS I ever owned. Figured the careful maintenance is what did
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Originally Posted by Gunguy45 View Post
Maintenance? What the heck is that?
Tow Guy's kind of guy!!!!!
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I think both Fram and Autozone have a reminder service that emails you.

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