2000 saturn transmission problem


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2000 saturn transmission problem

A good friiend of mine has a 2000 Saturn sl2 4 cyl.. The transmission shifts hard between 2nd. and 3rd. gear. A mechanic has diagosed the problem as a nut on the input shaft has loosened. He says that it probably won't get any worse, but it can be tightened by removing a plate on the transmission to get to the nut. He may attempt this, but wanted to know if anyone has had this similar problem and may know where he could get an exploded view or instructions on how to do this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Duane Gordon
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Haven't heard that one before; might be worth getting a second opinion. If he gets a second opinion make sure he initially only tells them the symptoms and not the previous diagnosis so as not to bias the thinking.

You'll be hard pressed to find an exploded view or detailed instructions on transmission disassembly short of buying a factory manual.
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Update: I happened to be at one of my client garages today and bumped into my favorite tranny guy who was visiting so I ran this by him. What he said was that, yes, in the deep recesses of his brain he remembered some kind of issue with loose nuts in some trannies. What he couldn't remember was what the symptoms were and/or whether hard 2-3 shift or any other shift issues were included in the symptoms/diagnosis.

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