why is my tire scrubbing?


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why is my tire scrubbing?

I have a 76 ford f-100 4x4 with a 2" lift. Yesterday I took it to town and something in the front end felt funny every now and then. I couldn't figure out if it was the road or the truck. When I got back home and stopped to lock in the hubs, I noticed the outside lugs on the driver's side tire were scuffed up

I've checked the alignment [it's fine] and couldn't find any play in any of the steering/suspension parts. It appears like there is more wear on the outside edge of the driver's tire but it's not bad enough to be able to state that with certainty.

What am I missing?
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If your lug nuts are tight, the only thing that would scuff them would be if you had hit something with that side.

The different wear on the tire's inside vs outside is an alignment problem. Different wear side vs middle would be air pressure.
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By "LUGS" , I assume you are referring to the outside Tread "Blocks" on a Mud or "All Terrain" tire????

Your problem is in the lift kit. It is virtually Impossible to properly align a vehicle with an Altered "Ride Height" without compromises somewhere along the line. While it is possible to make it "Acceptable" It will NEVER be "Right".

If you noticed, looking at the front of the vehicle , after the lift was installed...the wheels "Bow -out" at the top.
Normal Condition..... The trick is keeping the amount of "Deflection" within tolerable limits.
Worn BJ's will affect camber, and lean a wheel in or out disrupting The tires "Footprint". "Toe " can also cause this, but usually will affect both sides.
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Yes, I meant the lugs on the edge of the mud tires, sorry for the confusion

The lift was put on the truck a long time before I bought it 10 yrs ago. The front tires then were wore bad but for whatever reason it was toed out. I reset the toe myself using a tape measure. I haven't had any tire wear issues since! The current set of tires only have about 3k on them, bought about 8 months ago.

This is something new! The tops of the outer lugs on the driver's side tire were visibly scuffed. I expected to find some play somewhere in the front end but didn't.

I guess I can take it to an alignment shop but if all they can do is set the toe - why should I pay for that? unless they can find something I've missed. Since I'm convinced nothing is going to fall off, I'll go ahead and use it again today and keep an eye on it.

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