91 ford F150 starting problem


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91 ford F150 starting problem

It seems when the truck gets hot it doesnt want to start again. like the battery is dead. but after it cools it starts fine. someone suggested the starter is hot. any thoughts.
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You might be able to put a wire into the wiring harness of the starter and make it long enough to touch the positive battery terminal. A friend had a similar problem on his car severrla years ago so he did that and had his girlfriend turn the key to start whuke he touched the wire to the terminal. Not exactly a professional fix but cheaper than most any other fix for this issue.
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Electrical things like starters have wire wrapped round and round inside. Sometimes a wire will break...

...then when the starter heats up (expands), the ends of the wire are no longer making contact and the starter will not start.

...when it cools down, it contracts, then the ends of the wires make electrical contact again. Then the starter works again.

With that said, there are *many* different electrical and electronic components in vehicles which can do that sort of thing when they break. Computer chips can do that too. And relays.

A good chance it is the starter, but it could be something else. Best to test with a multimeter to be sure.

How to use a multimeter...
how to use a multimeter on a car - Google Search
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Be nice to have a newer ford like yours. Mine is a 1990. If it doesn't make any noise at all its probably the ignitions switch,wiring to the switch,solenoid. Some vehicles engines have a heat shield that is between the exhaust pipes and starter. If it is missing the starter could be getting too hot. If the engines clicks but doesn't crank then its could be the solenoid or bad connection on the solenoid,heavy wires or battery terminals.
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thanks. some great things to check out.

yeah it makes noise like a battery going dead. no clicking but real slow on turning the starter

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